Food Service

Club Sandwiches

The Club Sandwiches are the most
frequently asked party add-ons with a diverse
variaty in the flavors and toppings.
Price: 1,5 EUR/ sandwich

Closed Sandwiches

We suggest these type of sandwiches in case of longer transfers or
party rides. These can be ordered with many type of cold cuts and bakery products!
Please ask for our price offer.


Tapas’ are famous party foods, due to their diversity and easy to eat feature!
Please ask for our price offer.




Finger Foods

The most elegant way of serving food for your guests during a party. These small bites can be made with different creams, pátés and toppings, in the name of extravagancy.
Please ask for our price offer.



Cold Plates

Surprise your guests with a complete party, which can’t be perfect without beautiful
and tasty cold plates. We offer them in a wide variaty, from the extra meat lover one to the vegetarian version also.
Please ask for our price offer.


Cookies are great party foods bacause they are small, decorative, tasty and they
can vary from the sweet macarons to the salty pogácsa as well.
Please ask for our price offer.



Salty Bites

Salty bites include small pretzels, salty sticks, chips, crackers and a variaty of
little bites. They are perfect add-ons next to your drinks.
Please ask for our price offer.




We order the cakes from the famous
Daubner Cake-Shop, thanks to our guests’
satisfaction. The cakes can be chosen from the Cake-shop’s
website but after that, you can let us ordering it and delivering it to the partybus on the
party’s day.
Please ask for our price offer.