Prom Night

Make your prom night as unique as possible and celebrate your special day by us, on an exclusive partybus or make your transfer to the ball unforgettable with a partybus party!


We are pretty sure that you are looking for a special prom transfer vehicle that is unique, exclusive and creates the best memories for the whole class in a distance of time also! We assure you that there is no greater party place than one of our partybuses, which can transfer you to the ball’s place while you are having your best time on the bus, starting the party in the minute you take on!

Why to choose us?

First of all because you will have the most prominent, striking and elegant transfer vehicle among the classes in your school!

In addition, a DJ plays the music live while you travel, from whom you can ask for your favorit musics at the DJ counter personally.

We await you with free, chilled champagnes as soon as you get on the partybus!

You can bring your own food and beverages that you can take till we get to the destination. We serve you with unbreakable glasses for the drinks.

You can dance and take photos continuously through the party which you can immediately post on your community pages, so the other classes can see that you have the best party transfer ever!

How can you imagine a partybus party?

Our partybuses await you where the prom night takes place in order to transfer you to the after party’s destination in time and in the best party mood ever! During the transfer we make our route throughout the main roads in the central of Budapest causing the most sensation wherever we go! When the rental time allows and your party organizer fixed it in advance, we can make a stop at Hero’s Square in order to make group photos of your class!

How to make the prom night even more unique?

Take a look at our further party ideas because beyond the partybus rental, we offer you several services which can raise the mood of the party even higher! Let us be your complete party organizer concerning food and beverages, photographer or decoration!

Partybus Rental Prices with DJ, Bar Tender and Free Drinks!-2020-

Mercedes-Benz Articulated Partybus, with 20-50 guest capacity

Guests pick-up within Budapest: free

Guests pick-up outside Budapest: 1,5 EUR / km

Additional Half Hours: 85 EUR.

Additional Hours: 145 EUR

Our prices are NET prices.

Neoplan Partybus, with 5-30 guest capacity

Guests pick-up within Budapest: free

Guests pick-up outside Budapest: 1,5 EUR / km

Additional Half Hours: 65 EUR.

Additional Hours: 130 EUR

Our prices are NET prices.

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