Bachelor Party/ Stag Night

Make the bachelor party an unforgettable event with a partybus party!


The first question among our guests is how they could make the bachelor party more memorable and colorful aside from the common programs offered for these special nights! We assure you that by us, by Eveningstar Partybus, there is no greatest surprise and present for the bachelor and the invited guests also, than one of our partybuses!

How to make a surprise?

According to our experiences you can make the biggest surprise for the bachelor if our partybus picks up the guests first, while the celebrated person doesn’t have a clue what’s happening and then we pick the bachelor up, who is waiting at a different place. This is of course just a suggestion, we can arrange the partybus itinary according to your plans and ideas! You can take on the partybus anywhere in Budapest and you give us the destination address as well.

How can you imagine a partybus party?

We take on our guests and the celebrated person anywhere in Budapest for free. You are the one who gives us the addresses of the pick up and take off places in the city. We also drive of course out of the city but then we calculate extra charge according to the kilometers we take.

Our partybuses are always clean and clear inside and outside as well, arriving always punctually to the given address.

The DJ plays the music live in the partybus but you can send us your favourit musics in advance if you want to make sure that those will be played during the party.

Bring your own food and beverages to the partybus for free! We give you glasslike, unbreakable glasses, even if you bring your own drinks or we serve you with an unlimited drink package.

Our Bar Tender will await you on board in the beginning of the party. He will help you with the serving foods and beverages and also will answer all of your emerging questions throughout the party!

How to make the bachelor/stag party even more unique?

Take a look at our further bachelor party ideas because beyond the partybus rental, we offer you several services which can raise the mood of the party even higher! Let us be your complete party organizer concerning food and beverages, striptease shows, lesbian show, body sushi or party hostesses!

Partybus Rental Prices with DJ, Bar Tender and Free Drinks!-2020-

Mercedes-Benz Articulated Partybus, with 20-50 guest capacity

Guests pick-up within Budapest: free

Guests pick-up outside Budapest: 1,5 EUR / km

Additional Half Hours: 85 EUR.

Additional Hours: 145 EUR

Our prices are NET prices.

Neoplan Partybus, with 5-30 guest capacity

Guests pick-up within Budapest: free

Guests pick-up outside Budapest: 1,5 EUR / km

Additional Half Hours: 65 EUR.

Additional Hours: 130 EUR

Our prices are NET prices.

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