Body Sushi

The Body Sushi is such an exclusive and unique party element, which can be only found by us! You can be sure that almost none of your guests have experienced such a service, so you can surprise them for a lifetime!

We suggest our body sushi service for bachelor parties, birthday parties, corporate events or any other organized programs. The sushis will be offered and served for the guests from an attractive girl’s naked body, who is beautifully decorated with flowers. You can choose from several sushi flavors and from fruit sushis as well. .

This party service can be ordered only with a partybus rental. The body sushi can last for maximum an hour, for the convinience of the sushi girl. The price of this service is 180 EUR, which includes 1 hour time frame, sushis, chop sticks and soy souces for 15 guests..

If you calculate with more or less guests to your party, please ask for our price offer.