Striptease Show

We suggest a striptease show for bachelor parties, birthday parties, corporate events or any other organized programs. Choose a performer from our professional striptease dancers, who are the best in Budapest!


The striptease show is a complete show performance with music, for which you choose the dancer from our website. The show lasts for about 20 minutes, which includes a lap dance and a full striptease at the end also. It means that all the clothes will be taken off. You can choose from different performance clothes as well, such as police, cleaning lady, nurse, army, domina.

You can order a show without a partybus order as well, to your home, to a party place or to a bar. In case of public place, we ask for a private, separated room, where the show can take place. We ask for a changing room for the dancer and for facilities to play the music from CD, pendrive or phone.

How to reserve

With partybus rental: We ask you to decide about a striptease show the same time when we sign the contract for the partybus rental.

Without partybus rental: The striptease show can be ordered without a partybus rental. In this case we ask you to reserve 1,5-2 weeks before the event’s date. Please choose 2-3 dancers from our website and send their names for us, in order to check their availability.

Please send for us the following datas:

Date and time:


Your name:

Your phone number:

Names of the chosen dancers:

The price and payment of the striptease show

The price of the show is 125 EUR, which applies within Budapest. We charge a travelling fee out of Budapest, for which we ask for your previous price offer request.

If you order the show for the partybus, the price will be added to the rental price in advance, which the contract includes.

If you order the show without the partybus, we ask you to pay for the dancer personally, in cash, before the show begins.


Striptease Dancers