Party Add-Ons

Party Photographer

Let our photographer to make the best photos for you during the partybus party and ask him to take group- and individual photos as well! Price: 29 EUR/hour

Party-Video Maker

Ask for a Video Shoot, so you can remember for the party’s best moments for a lifetime! Please ask for our price offer.


This party add-on can be the best program of the Night because everyone can share his/her beautiful voice with the others while having a lot of fun! Please ask for our price offer.

Balloon Decoration

Would you like to have a personalized decoration on the partybus? Ask for our balloon decoration for your personal or corporate event as well. Price: 1,5 EUR /piece

Party Invitation Cards

Invite your guests to the partybus party with our elegant and personalized invitation cards. Price: 1 EUR/piece

Celebrity Performance

Would you like to hear your favorit singer perform on your partybus party? Let us know your wish
and we give you a price offer!

Celebrity DJ Performance

Do you have a favorit DJ? We invite him/her to the partybus, so you will have the biggest surprise for your guests! Please ask for our price offer.